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Our Favorite Recipes and Articles:

Barbecue "Don'ts"
Basement Beer (on how beer can age)
Chinatown Streets Beef Jerky
Chinese-Style Barbecue Sauce
Chinese-Style Spare Ribs
Coffee Rub
Delicatessen Dry Rub
Espresso Barbecue Sauce - Sometimes known as "red-eye" barbecue sauce.
Getting Started Barbecuing
Greek Yogurt Sauce - Healthy stuff!
Green Chili Hot Sauce
Jerk Marinade - Not for the weak
Mustard-Marinaded Spare Ribs - One of our favorite favorites!
Peppery Tomato Barbecue Sauce
Smokey Buffalo Wings
Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition - From 2010
Tangy Cole Slaw (with smoked paprika)
Tea-Smoked Barbecue - Great with a variety of meats or jerky.
Trimming Spare Ribs