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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Started Barbecuing

A few days ago, I was firing up my smoker to test the Jerk Marinade recipe.  As usual, I practiced my standard barbecue routine... clean the smoker, prep the marinade/meat, and scrounge up my charcoal chimney, coals, lighter, etc. etc. etc.  I remembered when I first started barbecuing, and thought about how much more quickly I'm able to prepare for a day in front of the smoker than I used to be.

So, it only seemed natural that I'd make a post on Sizzle Grove for all the beginning barbecuers out there to make the process seem a bit less intimidating.

Here are some things you'll need to have to start out:

A SMOKER - Well, you could build your own, but if you know how to do that, then you can probably figure out all the other details yourself.  Find more information on smokers in this article.

A CHARCOAL CHIMNEY - These devices help you light coals without using nasty toxic lighter fluid.  Simply put a scrunched newspaper in the bottom, pour in the coals, and light the newspaper.  Keeping the chimney up high (I set mine down on the grates of our gas grill) allows you to blow on the lit newspaper to encourage the flames.

COALS - For more info, check out this article.

SOMETHING TO RAKE COALS WITH - You could use a large, strong metal spoon like I do, or a fireplace prong, or an actual metal rake, but it's always helpful to have the ability to rake the coals around.

TONGS AND SPATULAS - Goes without saying.  Get heavy duty stuff for big pieces of meat, like brisket and pork shoulder.  Having a few sets of tongs helps, so you can use one set on uncooked meat and one set on cooked meat to avoid contamination.

ALUMINUM FOIL - ALL HAIL ALUMINUM FOIL!  This stuff is a barbecuer's best friend.  After meat gets smoked for a few hours but still needs more cooking time, wrap it in foil to hold in moisture.

A LIGHTER - For lighting stuff.

BRILLO-STYLE CLEANING PADS - These are the easiest things to clean your smoker with, particularly the grill grate.  Simply hose everything down, scrub, and hose down again.  Learn more about smoker maintenance by clicking this.

MEAT, DRY RUBS, RECIPES, ETC. - Yeah yeah yeah.

Hopefully this helps you all.  Happy barbecuing!


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