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About Sizzle Grove

Hey readers, my name is Nick and I am the creator of Sizzle Grove Barbecue Blog.

My interest in barbecue came about only a few years before writing up this blog.  After watching various television shows about American barbecue and researching it online, I decided to purchase a small charcoal smoker.  Having always been a fan of pork ribs in particular, my first adventure was with making spare ribs.

A proper barbecue education is all about trial and error.  When I first experimented with spare ribs on a propane grill, I ended up with delicious results, though not quite authentic barbecue.  My aforementioned first batch over coals, however, ended up with a bit of a mess and a lot of swearing.  That was the day I learned I hated water pans, as my water pan sucked all the heat out of my smoker, and spilled all over my coals when I attempted to remove it.

After a lot more experimentation, and after getting used to controlling the heat when working with coals, I developed several of my own recipes.  My friends and I barbecued almost every week.  I religiously read and watched shows about different regions of barbecue, different methods of barbecue, different theories of barbecue.  Gradually, I came up with my own theories and methods.  If anything, my own barbecue style is closest to Carolina/Tennesse style, but I like attempting a little bit of everything.

Sizzle Grove was born out of my own necessity to archive my recipes and all the things I've learned from experts and from my own experimentation.  I also wanted to show that people from the North are beginning to catch on to the idea of authentic barbecue.  Being from Connecticut, I've seen a few quality establishments around my own state, and I've met other folks around my area who love true 'cue.

As an avid craft beer fan, even having experimented with home brewing, I thought barbecue and beer could join together harmoniously into my blog in order to broaden its appeal.  I've also developed a weird obsession with making my own condiments and sauces. Sizzle Grove includes recipes for mustards and salsa and hot sauce, as they pair well with most of my barbecue dishes.

I would like as many people to follow this blog as possible, and would love to see more contributions from readers.  Recipes, tips, and reviews are always welcome, as long as they pertain to real barbecue and/or craft beer.

Hope to hear from all of you soon.  Thanks for reading.