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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BBQ BASICS: Smokey Flavor From Your Propane Grill

We're aware that most of you don't own smokers.  Lighting coals is time consuming, and keeping them hot can be frustrating, albeit still a very worthwhile hobby in our opinion.  However, you can actually get real wood smoke flavor from a propane grill.

Some propane grills come equipped with a "smoker box," in which soaked wood chips may be added.  That's easy.  Most of our grills don't have that. For the rest of us, making a "smoking pouch" is an easy, worthwhile step you can take before attempting slow cooking on your propane grill.

Refrain from soaking wood chips.  Place chips into either a small aluminum tray, or into a small sheet of aluminum foil.  Poke several small holes in the bottom of this aluminum receptacle.

Set the grill to searing hot first, to remove any debris from previous cooking.  Once you've brushed away debris from your grill grates, set the heat as low as you need.  You can try putting the side burners on medium, and leaving the middle ones off for indirect grilling.

Next, move one of the side grill grates aside using an oven mit and some tongs.  Place the smoking pouch directly ontop of the side burner, and place the grill grate back.  The wood may take a little while to smolder, open up a beer and get your food on once your pouch starts generating smoke.

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