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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Minimalist Barbecue: Salt & Pepper Beef Roast

Renowned Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann was once known for serving fine French cuisine in his restaurants.  Soon, a mystical voice as if from the heavens told him to change direction.  In place of foie gras and cuisses de grenouille prepared in a fancy kitchen, he set up wood fires and metal stakes in the ground for cooking beef.  His seasoning was mainly salt and fire.  Gaucho grilling.

Such is the inspiration for Sizzle Grove's salt & pepper beef roast.  We may not have the giant open fire pits like the gauchos used, or the 150 pound beef cuts, but we think we do pretty decent with a bottom round beef roast.

3-4 pound bottom round beef roast
Plenty of coarse salt
Plenty of pepper
Olive oil
Small onions

1. Season the beef thoroughly with salt and pepper.  Truss the beef with string if it's unevenly shaped.

2. Let beef sit in fridge for a few hours, soak lots of wood chips, then start up coals.

3. Peel outer layer off some small onions, to put on the grill with the beef.  Coat them lightly with olive oil and a bit of salt.

4. Pour lit coals into your smoker/grill, add a handful of wood chips, and put beef and onions on.  Try to get a temperature of around 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit by adjusting vents.  Add wood chips periodically as smoke diminishes.

5. After one hour, flip roast over, and drizzle VERY lightly with olive oil.  Turn onions too.

6. Beef will be done in another hour or so, or until internal temperature is about 130 F for rare, 140 F for medium rare, 150 F for medium, and......... yeah don't go past that.  Let meat rest for ten minutes, slice up, and serve with the onions.

**Of course, if you like, you could always serve this with a chimichurri sauce like the gauchos enjoy (which is essentially a Latin American-style parsley pesto).  We'll get a chimichurri recipe down for you guys soon enough, don't worry.  Or you could enjoy with another Sizzle Grove sauce, such as Peppery Tomato Barbecue Sauce or Green Chili Hot Sauce.

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