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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lesser-Known Barbecue: Beef Shoulder

Though Sizzle Grove is centered on producing unique recipes and methods learned from experience above all else, we do also take tips from the barbecue gurus out there.  One of the names you've seen us mention often is Steven Raichlen, who has two television shows and several books on grilling/barbecuing.

On his show Barbecue University, Raichlen describes beef clod, which is a shoulder cut of beef, as being superior to brisket.  If brisket is what Texas barbecuers serve to their customers, beef clod is what they keep to themselves, as Raichlen explains.  Both are gigantic cuts with high fat contents, though it appears that clod is a bit more well-marbled.

This link describes how to make beef clod, which is spiced and sliced very similarly to brisket.  In Texas, at barbecue joints such as Kreuz Market, these big beef dishes are usually served with white bread, pickle chips, and jalapenos.

Unfortunately, as Raichlen explains on his show, there are not a lot of supermarkets where beef clod is available, so the best bet is to become friends with your local butcher to obtain this meat.  And if you do find it... make sure you got a BIG smoker!

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